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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Government Provide Rs 1.5 Lakh On Each Inter Caste Marriage To Dalit Couple

A Good News For The Inter-cast Marriages Introduction On What Is Inter Cast Marriage

Inter cast marriage is a common relation between a girl and a boy both have different cast ( JATI ), one is belonging to general or a upper cast and other one is belonging to dalit (sc, st, obc etc). Traditionally marriages in Hindu religion have a myth and objection for the inter cast marriage.

Inter-cast Marriage Law

Cast system in India opposes the marriage between two different cast. But now a days in modern world love marriages between inter – cast gain acceptance because of education and urbanization. In survey of 2013-2014 it is observed that there are only 5% of marriages are inter- cast marriages in India. But day by the acceptance of inter – cast marriages has increased.

Objective To Promote Inter- Cast Marriages

1 To eliminates the castes system of India.
2 To appreciate the socially bold step of inter – cast marriage.
3  It will also decrease the small thinking of people.

Inter – Cast Marriage Previous Scheme

In year 2013 – 2014 0nly 5 couples gets married (inter – cast ) and take incentive from government .In 2014 – 2015 near about this figure of inter cast marriages increased near about 75 couples and got incentive. To increase this figure of inter cast marriages government decides to increase the amount of incentive to be given to newly married couple (inter cast ) within one year. In previous scheme there is bar of annual income of the both the spouses should be less than RS 2.5 lakh in which one spouse belonged to general category and other one is belonged to scheduled cast or Dalit.

New- Inter Cast Marriage Scheme Of 2018 Or Revised Inter Cast Marriage Scheme By Narendra Modi

NARENDRA MODI Government revised the inter cast marriage scheme to promote and support the inter cast marriage in the India. The amount of incentive should be increased upto RS 2.5 lakh .But there are some condition which should be satisfied by the couple are described below.
The couple will get the incentive in two installments to reduce the fake marriages. The condition of annual income which will be states that the annual income of the couple together will not be exceed the limit of 5 lakh have been eliminated from this scheme which will be very good decision of the government for the wellness of inter cast married couples.

Conditions Or Eligibility For The Incentives Given Under Dalit Shadi Yojana

1 To get this incentive under the scheme of inter cast marriage 2018, it will be the first marriage of the couple (one of them is from scheduled cast and other one is from non scheduled cast).
2 To claim for this incentive from government should be with in a year from the date of marriage.
3 It is necessary that the marriage should be registered under the HINDU ACT 1955 which is act of INDIAN PARLIAMENT.
4 Required document should be prepared firstly to avoid rejection.

Necessary Documents For Applying To This Incentive

1 Address proof of both the applicant (voter card, aadhaar card, driving license, passport etc.).
2 Certificate of the cast (by both bride as well as groom ).
3 Name and DOB (DATE OF BIRTH) proof of both (matriculation mark sheet, aadhaar card and birth certificate).
4  Affidavit in which it is declared that this marriage is the first marriage of both the spouses.
5 Certificate of marriage under the act of HINDU ACT 1955.
6 Joint bank account of the couple should be necessary for getting the incentive from government.
7 A letter was forwarded by the MP and MLA of the area.
Inter Caste Marriage Form Download
You can also download form for inter caste marriage which is easily available and need some of your details to be filled in it like your personal details, your spouse information, date of marriage, and document submitted as proof for marriage and caste certificate with residence proof. And finally the declaration made by you by doing signature of applicant and spouse at the end of inter case marriage form with proper date and verify the document.