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Monday, April 6, 2020

Celebrations How to book FREE GAS? 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a celebrated project in Baliya in connection with providing free local culinary connections to families living below the poverty line. Launching a free gas connection scheme, Modi has spoken on several issues, calling himself the number one worker. Describing himself as the labor number one, Modi mentioned a series of schemes undertaken by his government for the welfare of the laborers. The scheme has been launched on the occasion of May Day. Modi has criticized previous governments for doing very little for the poor. He said that the policies created by the previous governments were not designed with the welfare of the poor in mind. Planning was done with only the ballot in mind. Modi said in clear words, “If the poor get power, resources and opportunities, education, employment, housing, drinking water, electricity will be eliminated.”

Focus on the BPL family Questions were raised against the policies adopted by the previous government for poverty alleviation. For the last several years, poverty was on the rise. We are fighting poverty. He announced that under the Prime Minister’s Ujjwala scheme, free LPG connection would be made available to women members in BPL families. In the first year, 8.5 million such connections will be issued. The target is to complete five crore within three years. He said that after 5 years of independence, only 5 crore such connections would be made available to his government within three years, compared to only 10 million LPG connections.

Modi said that in the first speech in the Central Hall of Parliament when the BJP government of the year came to power, it has said that its government is committed towards the poor. Whatever government steps in, it will be in the interest of the welfare of the poor and the poor. Modi had mentioned the plans with a minimum pension of Rs. Apart from this, due to the provident fund portability, there are now benefits as the job is changing. After launching Give It Up campaign on March 7, a large number of people have come forward. 1.5 million people have voluntarily left subsidies. Modi assured that, by surrendering the subsidy, free LPG connections would be made available to BPL families.

Customers are currently entitled to get 5 cylinders or 5 kg cylinders. Market price is higher than LPG but subsidy cost is lower. Modi said that in the first year, BPL families were being given huge benefits. For each LPG connection, Rs 5 will be provided to BPL families. The country has an active subscriber base of 1.5 million LPG. In his address, Modi said that the power will reach the next 7 days in five villages that do not even have electricity pillars.
Docuent RequiredFor this, it is necessary to have Aadhar card in the name of all the members of the respective BPL family. Customers will be able to apply by April 1. BPL ration card, three photo BD along with bank passbook will have to be applied. Also a copy of the Aadhaar card of all the family will be required.

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